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Laser Distance Sensors

Short Range Sensors:

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AR200 Laser Measurement Sensor

The AR200 laser distance measurement sensor is Acuity's most compact product to employ a CMOS detector. Four metric models satisfy precision measuring requirements from 6 mm to 100 mm with up to 12 micron accuracy.
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AR500 Laser Position Sensor

The AccuRange 500 Laser Position Sensors are fast and accurate measurement devices for integrated industrial measurement systems. Available up to ranges of 1000 mm, all models use a compact enclosure. These sensors are available with optional BLUE laser diodes. Read more.

AR700 Laser Displacement Sensor

The AR700 laser displacement sensor is Acuity's newest, high-resolution laser distance measurement sensor. Models vary in measuring range and can achieve resolutions better than 0.2 micron. Increased sampling speeds to 9.4 Khz satisfy the requirements of the road profiling industry. Read more.
CCS Initial Confocal Sensor
The CCS Initial confocal sensor is Acuity's value model for ultra-precise displacement and transparent material thickness measurements. This system includes a measurement probe, controller and fiber optic cable, making it user-friendly for benchtop users and system integrators alike. Read more.
CCS Prima Confocal Displacement Sensor
The AccuRange™ CCS Prima white light confocal displacement sensor is the most precise measurement system from Acuity. Using white light LED, the system employs a unique measuring principle that separates emitted light into different colors and then uses a detector to identify the reflected color signal.
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Long Range Sensors:

AR1000 Laser Distance Sensor
The Acuity laser distance sensor model AR1000 can measure 30 meters with an accuracy of 3 mm. Using a reflective target board, the sensor will measure distances up to 150 meters. Ideal for measuring fill levels and material height monitoring, the AR1000 sensor can hold up to very tough environments.
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AR2000 Laser Distance Sensor

The AR2000 laser distance meter is a highly accurate laser measurement sensor that is designed to work extremely well outdoors, in bright lights, and on hot targets. With the ability to take accurate measurements from distances up to 500 meters away, and a measurement frequency of up to 100 Hz, it is the perfect laser for a wide range of applications, including measuring the position of cranes; measuring the length of lumber, pipe, bricks, and other targets; measuring the position of hot metal targets, such as steel and aluminum; and much more!  As with all of Acuity's laser sensors, the AR2000 is optimized for easy integration into industrial automation and measurement systems.
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AR2500 Laser Sensor
AR2500 laser sensors are Acuity's ultra-compact rangefinder models. This eye-safe rangefinder can measure to 30 KHz to natural targets 30 meters away or to reflectors 260 meters away. The AR2500 is also available in module format to system integrators and high-volume OEM customers.
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AR3000 Distance Measurement Sensor
AR3000 distance measurement sensors are Acuity's longest-range models. Ideal for measuring positions of cranes and trolleys, the time-of-lfight sensor can reach 300 meters to normal surfaces and up to 3000 meters when using a reflective target. The AR3000 samples with speeds up to 2 KHz.
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2D Scanners:

AccuProfile 400 series Laser Scanners
Low-cost 2D laser scanners with new CMOS camera technology, on-board processor, and memory.
The AP420 and AP480 2D Laser Scanners are entry level sensor for industrial surface dimensioning and measurements. These scanners generate low-noise 2D profile scans, and includes an onboard processor and memory.  The AP400-Series scanners project a beam of visible laser light in a straight line that measures surface height profiles. Read more.
AccuProfile 820 Laser Scanner
The AccuProfile 820 Laser Scanner creates 2D profiles and 3D point cloud data using laser triangulation measurement principles. Although slower than the AP620 model, the AP820 is more compact and performs very well on shiny or jagged targets. Edge scanning pose little problem due to the units auto gain and high dynamic range. Read more.


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