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Microbial Air Samplers

All models have stainless steel chassis, HEPA filtered certified exhaust to cleanroom ISO Class 3.
100 LPM +/- 10% Alarm

Climet Instruments


Airborne Microbial Sampler, 100 LPM Sample Rate with Internal Thermal Label Printer
Using 100 liter per minute sampling rate, CI-90 performs a 1 cubic meter sample in 10 minutes (EU GMP Annex 1).
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Climet Instruments


Airborne Microbial Sampler, 100 LPM Flow Rate
Microbial sampler using impaction technology and 100 liter per minute sampling rate. Designed specifically to comply with ISO 14698.
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Climet Instruments


Microbial Air Sampler, 100 LPM For Continuous Monitoring
The CI-99 samples at 100 Liters per minute resulting in a 1 cubic meter sample in 10 minutes. In addition, the sample may be extended to cover an entire process by specifying the number of sample segments and the total time required for the process. The CI-99 Microbial Air Sampler may be controlled and monitored through Ethernet using standard protocols, providing accurate flow control and continuous monitoring. It is housed in a stainless steel enclosure that is rated IP-54 to facilitate cleaning.
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