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Vibration isolation systems

Kinetic Systems Inc

VIBRAPLANE Workstation

The 9100 Series VIBRAPLANE Workstation sets the industry standard for the vast majority of vibration controll applications, such as Analytical balances, Cell Injection, Confocal microscopes, Patch clamping and Optical & Atomic force microscopes. Both vertical and horizontal isolation. Can be customized to its specific use by adding a variety of worksurfaces and accessories. More information available at Kinetic Systems website.

Kinetic Systems Inc

8001 Series Vibration free platform

A compact lightweight floor mount or tabletop vibration isolation system that senses and responds to provide superior vibration control over that possible with standard passive vibration isolation systems. A precise automatic level adjustment mechanism adjusts for varying loads without user reconfiguration.
The 8001 Series active vibration isolation system offers the ultimate vibration control performance for a wide range of high resolution instruments such as SPM, interferometer and microscopy.
More information available at Kinetic Systems website.

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