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Microscopy cameras

Cheos Oy, QI, mikroskooppikamerat, Scientific cameras

QImaging digital cameras are designed for life science microscopy, OEM and industrial imaging applications.

Every camera includes imaging software, enabling high speed performance preview and capture functions. A Software Development Kit is also available to interface with custom software.

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Cheos Oy, Photometrics, mikroskooppikamerat, microscoope cameras

Photometrics High-performance CCD and EMCCD cameras for the life sciences.

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Cheos Oy, PixeLink, scientific cameras

PixeLINK USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and Firewire Microscopy Cameras provide high-resolution imaging capability for both bright field and dark field microscopy and offer excellent color reproduction. Ideal for use in any laboratory setting, PixeLINK® cameras let you capture high-quality imagery with your existing microscope equipment.

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mikroskooppikamera, Andor

Andor technologys product range includes the world’s most advanced and versatile EMCCD, CCD and ICCD detectors, as well as our most recent technological advancement, Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) technology.

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mikroskooppikamera, SPOT Imaging

SPOT Imaging manufactures a complete line of scientific digital cameras for microscopy, from easy to use color CMOS cameras for brightfield microscopy to ultra-sensitive scientific CMOS sensors for low light fluorescence applications.

Every SPOT camera comes with the SPOT Software, an easy to use image capture application full of tools for microscopists, including scale bar, annotations, measurements, custom reporting, and time-lapse recordings. Cameras run on both Windows® and Macintosh® computers, and a Software Development Kit is available for integration with custom software. All SPOT cameras ship with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and our exceptional track record for building reliable cameras that last for years.

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