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High speed camera systems

Trusted for more than thirty years, FASTCAM high-speed cameras are highly valued for their performance in a wide variety of applications. Photron continues to utilize the latest innovations to further advance product performance in order to meet the most demanding requirements from users around the world.konenäkökomponentit, Suurnopeuskamera, Photron, High-speed camera, Cheos Oy, Fastcam, automaatio

High Performance FASTCAM SA Series

The FASTCAM SA series provides a range of high performance features in a stand-alone configuration.

Light weight and Multi-Head Remote Head Models

Small remote camera heads permit easy access to difficult to reach or hazardous locations.

Powerful and Compact FASTCAM Mini Range

High performance stand-alone cameras impress with compact and rugged form-factor.

PhotoCam SpeederV2

Portable, Standalone High-Speed Camera System for Production Fault-Finding

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