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CoaXPress cameras

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SVS-Vistek HR CoaXPress
The CoaXPress interface (CXP) meets the demands for higher transmission speed, with data rates up to 25 GBit/s (6.25GBit/s per coaxial line).
Transmission of data, device control and power supply (up to 13 Watt) over the same coaxial cable.An addition to this, the well proven Camera Link Full inteface. Providing data rates of up to 5.44Gbit/s (680 MB/s).
Both interfaces provide secure, loss-less video transmission for the High-End segment and require a matching frame grabber installed in the host PC.
Integrating the global shutter CMOS sensors from ON Semiconductor, Python 25k and KAC12040, the HR series provides ideal solutions for inspection of high-definition displays, solar cells, surface quality inspection and 3D measurement.

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konenäkökomponentit, konenäkökamera, machine vision, SVS-Vistek, Cheos Oy

SVS-Vistek SHR CoaXPress
At seven full frames of 47 megapixels per second, the SHR with CXP broadens the horizon for quality control. CoaXPress is among the fastest interface standards commonly used in industrial machine vision, and therefore ideal for multi-tap sensors. The well-established I/O Concept, found in all SVS-Vistek camera series, warrants seamless integration of the SHR CXP in existing system architectures.

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