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Goniometric Radiometer

Profiling divergent light sources presents many challenges, but Photon's far-field profilers characterize the angular radiation intensity of light simply and accurately in real time. Both the LD 8900 and LD 8900R (wide dynamic range Goniometric Radiometer) provide full 3-dimensional measurements of the far-field pattern in minutes or less, with far better resolution than a CCD camera. The LD 8900 far-field profiler provides direct real-time far-field measurements with >24dB dynamic range, while the wide dynamic range LD 8900R has a dynamic range of >36dB, which provides greater detail in the "tails" of the far-field pattern. Both models have an angular sampling resolution of 0.055º and a field-of-view of ±72° (144°), and are ideal for characterizing the light flux from many sources, including VCSELs, laser diodes (LDs), optical fibers, optical waveguides, and more. With the LD 8900R, measurement of the mode field diameter of optical fiber is possible in real time with greater than 5% accuracy. The LD 8900 and the LD 8900R are available with either a silicon or InGaAs detector and have a standard entrance aperture of 2mm, with an optional 10mm entrance aperture for use with larger sources such as LEDs and LD bars.

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