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Laser Beam Profilers

World leader with the largest installed base of laser beam profiling. Spiricon-Photon provides a complete solution for your laser measurement needs from EUV-THZ(Far IR) and nW-KW. Unmatched accuracy We're dedicated to giving you the most accurate measurements possible. Our baseline correction algorithm is the basis for ISO 11146-3, the ISO standard for accuracy when making beam measurements. Customizable layout our system is flexible so you can create the perfect setup for production environments, as well as the most rigorous scientific research. Cutting edge technology we spend more on R&D than any of our competitors ensuring that our products are not only the most precise in the industry but easy to use and highly reliable. Full support our customers always come first.

Camera Based Profilers
Slit-Based Profilers
M2-Beam Propagation Analyzers
Goniometric Radiometer

Laser Beam Measurement Vocabulary