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Integrating flexible quality inspection features to Vision Steering

Cheos Vision Steering is a machine vision software for picking and placing applications. The basic functionality of the software is to find trained models from acquired images and provide picking co-ordinates for the attached manipulator (usually a robot).

If a more complex quality inspection of the trained model is needed, this has been done traditionally using tailored, hard-coded, special modules attached to the model search. This works quite well in many situations, where the quality inspection targets remain constant. However, if new features are needed in the quality inspection, the special module needs to be modified with manual programming.

To attack this inconvenience, quality inspections designed with Matrox Design Assistant software can be attached to the Vision Steering. Design Assistant is an easy-to-use, flow-chart based, development environment for making inspections to the target object. Without traditional programming.

This makes it quick and easy to add quality inspections from the scratch and also easy to modify existing inspections. Even the customer or end-user can do the required modifications without consulting Vision Steering technical support.

Furthermore, for applications, where Vision Steering and quality inspections are needed, Matrox has attractive and competitively priced vision computers available, which are equipped with Design Assistant software and development licence. Design Assistant software can also be purchased separately, but then it requires buying a development licence for development computer and run-time licences for production computers.  However, with Matrox 4Sight GPm you get the compact vision computer and DA development licence in a competitively priced bundle ready to be used in production.

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