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Engineered from the outset with ease-of-use in mind, every Andor Spectroscopy system features a combination of detectors and spectral instruments, seamlessly controlled through Andor’s dedicated and intuitive Solis software platform. From configuration of these pre-aligned, pre-calibrated instruments to integration into each unique laboratory set-up, Andor Spectroscopy solutions allow researchers around the world to focus quickly on their own challenges: achieving high quolity results and breakthrough discoveries. Learn more by visiting  Andor Tachnology website

Spectroscopy Products

  1. Spectroscopy Detectors
  2. Spectrographs
  3. Accessories
  4. Microspectroscopy
  5. Spectroscopy Software

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Product Portfolio

Cheos Oy Spectroscopy, Ultravac,

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Spectroscopy Detectors and Cameras

Andor is able to offer a range of market leading high-performance, ultra sensitive spectroscopy detectors. The CCDs, ICCDs, EMCCDs, sCMOS and InGaAs arrays can operate from the VUV to Near-Infrared spectral regions with a unique combination of high sensitivity (down to single photon in the case of EMCCD technology) and ultrafast acquisition speeds.

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Andor’s technical know-how extends far beyond market-leading performance detectors with a comprehensive range of high-end spectrographs. At the heart of this portfolio are the new Kymera and Shamrock platforms, which offer ultimate flexibility and performance with their “out-of-the-box”, pre-aligned and pre-calibrated approach and seamless combination with our highly sensitive spectroscopy cameras. The Mechelle 5000 is Andor’s dedicated detection solution for broadband and high resolution LIBS, while Holospec F/1.8 offers maximum light throughput with high-density multi-track capabilities. Read more here.

Kymera 193i
Kymera 328i

Cheos Oy, Andor, Spectroscopy, Kymera, Shamrock, Mechelle, HoloSpec

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Modularity is Andor’s ethos when it comes to spectroscopy systems, because every researcher’s requirements are unique. This translates into the need for an extensive range of state-of-the-art accessories, from light collection to signal analysis and detection. Andor combines over 25 years of expertise in the fields of optics, mechanics and electronics, from designing complex interfaces to extract the very best of its market leading detectors and spectrographs, to working alongside key suppliers worldwide. The result is Andor’s ability to offer a comprehensive range of high performance dedicated or extremely versatile accessories, ranging from multi-cord fiber optics to sample chamber, light sources, gratings, slits and third party instruments interfaces including microscopes and VUV monochromators.

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Adding structural and chemical spectral analysis to Microscopy images of bio-samples such as cells and proteins, or materials such as polymers or semiconductors, is of ever increasing demand amongst the research community. Andor’s range of modular interfaces feature cage systems couplers, allowing endlessly configurable connections between Kymera and Shamrock spectrographs and a wide range of market leading microscopes such as Nikon, Olympus, Leica and Zeiss. The “wide-aperture” slit opens the door to a single setup with a single detector to image the sample, whilst allowing spectral information collection through the same optical path from the microscope.

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Spectroscopy software

Research spectroscopy applications demand powerful software tools that provide everything from seamless configuration of spectrographs and cameras to actual data acquisition optimization. Andor’s Solis software and Software Development Kit (SDK) offer a truly powerful, yet user-friendly modular approach to spectroscopy.

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