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Laser power sensors

Ophir provides two types of power sensors: Photodiode sensors and Thermal sensors.

Photodiode sensors are used for low powers from picowatts up to hundreds of milliwatts and as high as 3W.
Thermal sensors are for use from fractions of a milliwatt up to tens of thousands of watts.
Thermal sensors can also measure single shot energy at pulse rates not exceeding one pulse every ~5s.

  • Laser Photodiode Sensors

Standard Photodiode Sensors - 10pW to 3W

Ophir Optronics, Photonics, Photodiode sensors, Cheos Oy,PD300

Ophir's Laser Measurement Photodiode PD-300 sensor series measures laser power with spectral coverage from 200nm – 1800nm, and automatic background subtraction so the laser measurement is not sensitive to room light. All models have wavelength calibration built into the system.

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Round Photodiode Sensors – 20pW to 3W

Ophir Optronics, Photonics, Round Photodiode sensors, Cheos Oy,PD300R

Ophir's Round PD300R sensors are similar to the standard PD300 sensors but have cylindrical geometry where preferable. They have SM-1 mounting threads.

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Special Photodiode Sensors

Ophir Optronics, Photonics, Special Laser Photodiode sensors, Cheos Oy,PD300-BB

Integrating spheres for measuring laser power of divergent beams, flat response sensors for broadband sources, eye response detectors for Lux measurements, peak detector for measuring scanned or chopped laser beams. FPS-1 sensor for measuring temporal laser response into oscilloscope with 1,5ns response time.

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  • Laser Thermal Power Sensors

High Sensitivity Thermal Laser Sensors – 100nW to12W

Ophir Optronics, Photonics, High Sensitivity Thermal Laser Sensors, Cheos Oy, RM9, 2A-BB, 3A-P, 12A

Very low noise and drift thermal laser and LED measurement sensors accurately measure low laser powers over a wide range of wavelengths from UV to IR. Ophir’s thermopile sensors also measure low single shot laser energies down to tens of uJ.

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Low Power Thermal Sensors – 20mW to 50W

Ophir Optronics, Photonics, Low Power Thermal Sensors, Cheos Oy, 10A, 30A, L30A, 50(150)A-BB, 15(50)A-PF

Ophir has the widest selection of laser and LED power measurement sensors for low average laser powers in the industry, pulsed or continuous laser sources and various beam sizes.

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Low-medium power thermal sensors - 30mW to 150W

Apertures from 17 to 35 mm. Sensors for measuring low powers continuously or higher powers intermittently. For pulsed or CW lasers or LEDs.

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Medium power thermal sensors - 100mW to 300W

Apertures from 50 to 65 mm. Sensors for larger beams and higher powers. Compact sensors for intermittent use.

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Medium-high power fan cooled thermal sensors - 50mW to 1100W

Apertures from 50 to 65 mm. Sensors for larger beams and higher powers. Compact sensors for intermittent use.

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High Power Water Cooled Thermal Sensors And Power Pucks - 1W – 120kW

These sensors for high power industrial lasers have the highest power measurement capability in the market – up to 120 kW. Ophir meters also have the highest damage thresholds available, up to 10 kW/cm² at full power.

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High Power Laser Beam Dumps

Laser beam dumps for high power laser processing, laser measurement and other applications.

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  • Portable Power Probes

Comet Portable Laser Power Probes

The low cost Comet power probes are perfect for laser job shops. These laser power sensors give simple and accurate power laser measurements up to 10KW and 10KW/cm². Simply set your laser to a 10 second power burst, press the "ready" button and place the portable probe in the laser's path to measure its power.

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