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Piezo Actuators and Nanostages

Piezosystem Jena, Nanopositioning

Equipment that utilizes the piezoelectric effect of PZT-based ceramic elements can achieve nanopositioning with practically unlimited resolution. The unique piezo-based nanopositioning stages and piezo actuators of piezosystem jena guarantee the highest resolution in the sub-nm range, even when the total travel range is in mm. Read more here.

Piezo Controllers and Amplifiers

Piezosystem Jena, Nanopositioning

The resolution of piezoelectric actuators is nearly unlimited. Hence, the noise level of the piezo controller system is the most important aspect of high resolution and high precision positioning.

Amplifier systems from the nano-specialist, piezosystem jena, guarantee a noise level >0.3 mVRMS at 500 Hz. This low noise level, along with the system’s high speed scanning and positioning, guarantees very high accuracy.
Piezosystem jena offers a number of different amplifier modules and special modules for each application. Read more here.

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