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Laser Diode Modules

Power Technology Inc

A comprehensive range of laser products for scientific, biomedical, industrial, semiconductor inspection, machine vision, defense and security applications. These Power Technology Inc. modules are ideal for any number of OEM and research-based applications, including microscopy, display, spectroscopy, holography, laser-induced fluorescence, flow cytometry, and high-resolution printing.

A variety of laser diode modules with wavelengths from 263 to 13,900nm and output powers from 0.1mW to several Watts. Beam circularization is available for many of our modules, as is active temperature control and pulsed or modulated output. And several of our laser diode modules feature an alternate separated geometry configuration for more flexible integration into your application.

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Passively Q-switched microlasers; infrared, green and UV


The combination of passive Q-switching and microlaser technologies results in sources distinctive for sub nanosecond, high peak power pulses, generated from compact packages at high repetition rates. Wavelengths of operation are in the near infrared as well as the green and ultraviolet; applications include biophotonics, instrumentation, remote sensing, and material processing.  Ion exchange integrated optic products consist of advanced passive and active waveguide circuits that are used to increase the performance and economics of packaged laser diodes.

Teem Photonics
products are used in a variety of industrial and biophotonics applications. These include fluorescence, spectroscopy, gem marking, microdissection, communications, ranging, and as seeds for fiber lasers and supercontinuum generation.

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