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Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) cameras

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RADIUS Software

Never before has it been this easy to capture images in perfect quality, to handle and process live or stored data in the same way and to share results at the touch of a button.

RADIUS is designed for today’s most interesting applications, whilst also being fully prepared for modern technologies to come; RADIUS fully supports modern 64-bit operating systems and their ability to use memory > 3 GB, for example. There are virtually no image size limitations within RADIUS.
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Morada G3

Mikroskopia, TEM-kamera

The new 16 megapixel TEM CCD camera Morada G3 is the reinvention of the first commercially available 11 megapixel TEM CCD camera of modern electron microscopy. It offers the best value solution for all TEM image acquisition applications which require an extremely large field of view combined with highest resolution, high frame rates and excellent contrast.
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Mikroskopia, TEM-kamera

VELETA is a side-mounted TEM camera offering a peltier-cooled CCD chip with 2k x 2k MegaPixels and a dynamic range of 14 bits.
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The most satisfying aspect of this new CCD TEM camera is that the TEM itself is now the only limiting factor with regard to resolution and sensitivity for most current TEM applications – no longer the camera
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Mikroskopia, TEM-kamera

This state-of-the-art camera offers a great-value solution for all standard TEM image acquisition applications with a strong focus on materials sciences. TENGRA combines a large, sensitive CCD chip with attractively high readout speed, tapered fiber optics and a perfectly matched phosphor scintillator, to meet the highest quality demands.
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The Megaview G3 is our new high—speed CCD camera with up to 160 frames per second.

With its 2.8 Megapixel CCD sensor it doubles its predecessor's resolution and yielding a 6x higher frame rate. Its CCD technology provides perfect signal to noise ratio but still good pricing. The budget friendly Megaview G3 is equally attractive for users in the bio-medical, life sciences, and materials science fields.

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