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µsurf – areal confocal 3D measurement systems

Profilometri, Nanofocus GmbH

µsurf explorer

A compact package for the 3D measurement and analysis of surfaces – a high-precision surface analysis system at an attractive price. The µsurf explorer is suitable for metrology and test laboratories as well as for use in production environments. Read more here.


µsurf expert

The new confocal 3D microscope μsurf expert is optimized for use in testing and development laboratories and fulfills the highest requirements in the field of non-contact surface metrology. Read more here.

Profilometri, Nanofocus GmbH

µsurf mobile

Developed especially for measuring large objects, such as rolls and vehicle bodywork. The portable confocal microscope weighs only 5.5 kg. The surface measurement system is ready for the on-site use within a few minutes. Read more here.

Profilometri, Nanofocus GmbH

µsurf custom

The µsurf custom product line meets challenging demands for measurement quality, convenience and flexibility. Nanometer resolution guarantees meaningful measurement results, even for smallest height structures – all in a matter of seconds. With robust confocal multi-pinhole technology you can rely on highest accuracy in all deployment settings, from clean rooms to production environment. Read more here.

Profilometri, Nanofocus GmbH

µsurf cylinder

A well-estbalished business solution for the inspection of engine cylinder wall surfaces. A large number of renowned automotive manufacturers successfully apply the non-contact measurement technology in the development and for quality control in the production of engines. Thanks to its robust technology µsurf cylinder can be used not only in the testing laboratory but also directly in production. Read more here.

Profilometri, Nanofocus GmbH

µsurf solar

A high precision optical measurement solution for the board range of solar applications in laboratory and production. The optimum flexibility allows all measurement tasks to be performed with nanometer accuracy using the confocal technology. This extensive evolution delivers highest stability of data - with highest dynamic and intuitive handling. Read more here.

Profilometri, Nanofocus GmbH

µsurf sensor

The confocal probe is the centerpiece of NanoFocus µsurf measurement technology. As a discrete unit it can be integrated in production machines and analysis systems and therefore ensures compliance with the dimensional tolerance and quality of your products. Read more here.

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