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Motorized micrsoscope stages

motorisoitu ristisiirtopöytä, Märzhäuser

Scanning Stages with Integrated Measuring System

The SCANplus-Series with integrated measuring system has been developed
especially for applications that require automatic and very exact positioning of
samples. The integrated measuring system clearly enables improved accuracy values.

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motorisoitu ristisiirtopöytä, Märzhäuser

SCAN Series Stages

The SCAN series has been developed especially for applications that require
automatic and very exact positioning of samples.

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motorisoitu ristisiirtopöytä, Märzhäuser

ECO-Series Stages

Microscope stages of the ECO series are equipped with an integrated measuring
system and offer high SCAN accuracy at a low price. The travel range is 75 x 50 mm.
The especially developed CERASIST® surface coating makes surfaces almost
completely free of wear.

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motorisoitu ristisiirtopöytä, Märzhäuser

BASIC-Serie Stage

For all applications with lower specification towards positioning accuracy, the
BASIC series is a cost-efficient alternative for upright microscopes with travel
ranges of 75 x 50 mm.

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Tango Desktop, Tango PCI-S, Tango PCI-E, Märzhäuser


All TANGO high-resolution stepper motor controllers enable the control of up to 4 axes.
In cascaded operation even up to 16 axes can be selected.
According to their application, the controllers are available in a stage case or
as a PC slot card for the PCI-S or for the PCI-Express-Bus.

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Operating devices, Märzhäuser

Operating devices; joystick or ERGODRIVE

In combination with the TANGO controller and according to your demands we
provide a variety of operating elements for all motorized microscope stages and
measuring stages.

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Digital Readout Unit, Märzhäuser

Digital Readout Unit PROFILER SCD

The Digital Readout Unit PROFILER SCD enables an exact determination of
position in up to 3 measuring axes of manual microscope stages and measuring
stages in combination with the Märzhäuser measuring systems. The system
works independently, which means, the PROFILER SCD requires no PC for
operation. It can easily and intuitively be operated via Touch Display.

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