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Camera adapters

camera adapters, SPOT Imaging Solutions


Direct Image Projection Adapters

Direct projection adapters are designed for microscopes with removable phototubes. They produce clear,flat-field images and are manufactured with the highest quality materials. Adapters connect cameras that have C mount or F mount lens mounts to microscopes.
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Digital SLR Camera Adapters

The Digital SLR adapters adapt digital SLR and other large sensor format cameras to microscopes. They are also used with small sensor cameras to add magnification. These adapters take advantage of the removable phototube of modern microscopes to provide superior image quality, low price and excellent camera stability.
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High Resolution Adapters

The HRD series adapters feature a fully multi-coated lens system that provides excellent contrast and light transmission. They produce crisp, flat field images with all microscope objectives including apochromats, plan fluorites, and achromats.
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