µsprint – confocal 3D inline inspection systems

Profilometri, Nanofocus GmbH

µsprint topographer

With unprecedented scan speed, the μsprint topographer acquires profile data from any surface with high accuracy and high throughput rates. Thanks to its confocal sensor, the fastest worldwide, it is the ideal tool for quality assurance and process control requiring large area scanning accompanied with precise and reliable measurement results in the micrometer dimension. Read more here.

Profilometri, Nanofocus GmbH

µsprint custom

The 3D inspection system µsprint custom combines the advantages of the inline-capable µsprint sensor with a modular set-up that can be individually adapted to the measurement task. The measurement system works at extremely high scanning speed which is ideal for high throughput rates. Simultaneously, it delivers reliable 3D measurement data independet of properties of surfaces or materials. Read more here.

Profilometri, Nanofocus GmbH

µsprint sensor

100% control with the fastest confocal sensor.
The fast and exceptionally fast sensors of the µsprint series can be integrated easily in your production environment. With up to 128 channels and more than one million measurements per seconds they are the ideal tool for inline production control. Read more here.

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