µsoft – analysis and automation software

Profilometri, Nanofocus GmbH

µsoft control

You can evaluate and visualize your data quickly with µsoft tool. The extensive software has proven itself in the laboratory in solving a wide range of measurement and analysis tasks. µsoft tool is a standard component of the NanoFocus measuring instruments. Read more here.

Profilometri, Nanofocus GmbH

µsoft metrology

Once the sample is positioned under the objective, μsoft metrology, the measurement and control software, leads the user in intuitive steps from switching on the system to the representation of optimal, norm conforming 3D measurement results. A clear interface and the structured user menu of µsoft metrology guide the user more efficiently through the entire measuring process. Read more here.

Profilometri, Nanofocus GmbH

µsoft analysis

µsoft analysis is an extensive surface analysis program, which has been a worldwide standard in 2D/3D surface analysis. µsoft analysis contains the latest industry standard parameters and filter functions. These are brought up-to-date with each software update. Read more here.

Profilometri, Nanofocus GmbH

µsoft automation

Combination with the µsoft automation software is recommended if you use NanoFocus measurement technology for quality inspection in the production process. This forms the basis for automating individual measurement and evaluation procedures. Strict separation of the operator and administrator modes guarantees the simplest possible handling, as well as reliable results. Read more here.

Profilometri, Nanofocus GmbH

Specialized software

NanoFocus has developped special software solutions with key customers of different industries which are particularly designed to meet the requirements of the particular applications. Our customers profit from additional functionalities and efficient measurement processes. Read more here.

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