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Single-Point Vibrometers



The "Nova-Basis" Laser Doppler Vibrometer with its powerful SWIR Laser enables measurements on the difficult / low reflective surfaces.

• Efficiently and universal
• "ultraDSP" Technologie
• Resolution up to 4 nm/s
• Maximum vibration velocity 5 m/s
• Frequency range DC - 500 kHz

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Nova Speed

The High Speed Laser Doppler Vibrometer Nova-Speed is suitable for the analyze of all processes with high energy and / or high forces which lead to vibrations or motions with high velocities. For example for measurements on combustion engines, injectors in the automobile industry and turbines in the Aerospace industry.

• Ultra Fast up to 24.5 m/s
• Digital Decoder ("UltraDSP")
• Resolution 4 nm/s bzw. 4 pm 
• Frequency range DC bis 2.5 MHz
• 11 Velocity measuring ranges

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Nova HF

This high-frequency vibrometer combines a wide measuring frequency bandwidth with an excellent resolution down to the atomic scale. These technical data make it predestined for applications in the field of material research & testing.

• Frequency range DC bis 10 MHz
• Digital Decoder ("UltraDSP")
• Resolution 4 nm/s bzw. 4 pm 
• Maximum vibration velocity 12 m/s
• 9 Velocity measuring ranges

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Vector Master

The Vector Master sets a new standard for real-time, digital laser Doppler vibrometers. It's the ideal tool for challenging research and development tasks.

• Extremely Powerful
• Digital Decoder ("UltraDSP")
• Maximum vibration velocity 10 m/s
• Resolution 2.5 nm/s / 2 pm
• Frequency range DC - 10 MHz
• Max. perm. acce. 32000000 g

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