Fiber Vibrometers



SWIR Dual-Fiber Vibrometer

The OptoMET Dual Fiber SWIR Vibrometer consists of a SWIR vibrometer and a flexible Dual-Fiber head, different objective lenses either collimated or focused are available.

With its build-in stabilized SWIR laser the vibrometer gets a very good signal-to-noise ratio on all technical and organic surfaces. Thanks to our innovative digital signal processing technology the vibrometer achieves highest accuracy in combination with an outstanding resolution up to 4 nm/m for velocity and 4 pm for displacement.

With an additional fiber switch multiple fiber heads can be connected to the vibrometer, so you can multiplex many different channels (2, 4, 8, 16, ...), the fiber switch comes with an electrical interface (Ethernet, USB, TTL, ...) and can be remotely operated by a PC.

• Small and flexibel fiber heads
• Stabilized SWIR Laser
• Ability to multiplex many fiber heads
• Auflösung 4 nm/s bzw. 4 pm
• Max. Geschwindigkeit 24,5 m/s

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Single-Fiber Vibrometer

The OptoMET Fiber optical Vibrometer (FOV) consists of a single-point vibrometer and a fiber objective, which is exchangeable with other objective lenses.

The vibrometer is ideally suited for measurements on small parts, when physical access is difficult or close stand-off-distances are required. With the flexible fiber objective the FOV focuses the laser beam to a small point with just a few micrometers in diameter.

Applications are found in micro systems, electronic components test, medicine, zoology, and automotive manufacturing.

• Small fiber head
• Digital Decoder ("UltraDSP")
• Resolution 2,5 nm/s bzw. 2 pm 
• Max. velocity 10 m/s
• 14 velocity measuring ranges

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