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Infrared cameras and Thermal imaging


Infrared viewer, IR kamera, Electrophysics

7215 ElectroViewer

The ElectroViewer 7215 is a high-performance, hand-held Infrared Viewer designed to meet the requirements of viewing n the near-IR wavelength range.

Datasheet 7215 ElectroViewer

Infrared video camera, IR kamera, Electrophysics

7290A MicronViewer

Low cost SWIR video camera ideal for viewing and profiling 1.55µm sources. Automatic/Manual. A near infrared video camera with spectral response from 0.4 to 1.9 µm (2.2 µm optional).

Datasheet 7290A MicronViewer

Infrared camera, IR kamera, Electrophysics, Microbolometer

ATOM80 camera

OEM engine for cooled infrared cameras and payloads. Able to be custom-tailored to meet specific requirements from a stand-alone sealed camera to an open frame configuration.

Datasheet ATOM80 camera

Infrared camera, IR kamera, Electrophysics

PV640 GigE camera

Incorporating an uncooled 640x480 microbolometer detector array, the PV640LW Uncooled Infrared Camera delivers high resolution infrared images in the long-wave (8-14µm) spectral range.

Datasheet PV640 GigE camera

Infrared camera, IR kamera, Electrophysics, Microbolometer

ATOM 1024 Fixed and Continuous Zoom camera

Not CE marked. These cameras are considered OEM components meant to be integrated into a larger platform system. It is the responsibility of the integrator of the finished system that contains the ATOM1024 component to obtain CE Certification of the final end system.

Datasheet ATOM 1024

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