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Machine vision

Broadly speaking, the term "machine vision" covers tasks in manufacturing process, which utilize digital video, and the purpose of which in the production process is to provide information for quality control or other process control, such as dimension measurements or part recognition.

Machine vision is commonly used in production lines packing tasks, operating the robot cells for positioning objects (the camera operates as the robot's "eye"). Machine vision systems are used for monitoring and verifying the faultlessness of the products on the production line. Such a machine vision often include high computing power demanding pattern recognition and measurement algorithms with specific machine vision software.
In the past, machine vision systems, software often based PC applications where the camera image is analyzed on a PC. Today, thanks to micro-technology development and miniaturization, there is an ongoing shift to "smart cameras", where the processing is transferred to the camera. Such a camera is able to perform the programmed machine vision processing independently, and so provide directly information for the rest of the automation control system. On the other hand, development has also enabled machine vision to utilize distributed computing to provide the most cost-effectively implemented measurement tasks by centralizing computing to a dedicated server machine.