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Alihankinta 30.0 Tampereella 25-27.9.2018

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Design Assistant 5.1 -koulutus

Matrox Imaging järjestää koulutusta konenäköohjelmointiin vuokaaviopohjaisella Design Assistant -ohjelmointityökalulla (versio 5.1)

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CI-x70 NextGen particle counters

Smallest and lighest Industrial and Pharmaceutical Grade Particle Counter with stainless steel enclosure, and 6-channels with a built-in printer, pdf reports, and the most advanced technology ensuring the highest level of accuracy and repeatability of measurement. Drop and vibration tested for industrial use.

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Alihankinta 2018, September 25-27 2018. Tampere, Finland

High-Speed cameras

Small yet powerful, the FASTCAM Mini Series of high-speed cameras is redefining what users should expect from their cameras.

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Photron high-speed cameras are trusted by renowned research facilities worldwide to provide high quality results in the most challenging applications and environments.

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